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Backgammon game online web-site

The first table games were invented a long time ago but many of them have still been used nowadays. One of the games of such a kind is considered to be backgammon. The history of the backgammon game counts more than five thousands years but one didn't succeed in defining the precise time and place of this game appearance. The origin and development of the game is covered with many legends which partially unveil backgammon appearance.

Backgammon game inventory
Initially the backgammon rules differed from the modern one insignificantly. The rules to be used nowadays were settled only during the first half of the 18th century and have still been used up to the present time. It should be noticed that backgammon is the game for two players and despite of dices availability can be called a logical game. During the set of the games the victory will be given to the stronger player despite of the fact how lucky he may be. The main game task for the player is to move all his chips along the game field in such a way so that they would manage to pass the whole circle, return back to their "home" and leave the board earlier than the chips of the opponent.

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At present backgammon is considered to be not only a table strategy but a computer game as well. The game has got its sequel as a virtual game which can be downloaded and installed on the computer and be played online, or you can use Java backgammon having loaded the game in browser's window. Virtual games like backgammon and online bingo are extremely popular. More and more people are going online to play these games. What can be better then online strategy. This is the very place where one can learn all the peculiarities of the strategy, get and perfect the skills as for backgammon playing.

There are several varieties of the game. Each of them is different from another and has its own peculiarities - backgammon and Russian backgammon. Their inventory and main point are the same but there are some nuances which are peculiar to each of varieties individually.

It would be useful for the beginners not only to learn the rules of the game but to learn the most developed backgammon strategies. Afterwards the instructions for the beginners will be worth considering as well. This information will allow you to understand the main point of the game faster and will save you many efforts, nerves and time. Getting his own experience, backgammon player will work out his own tactics as for game playing and will get his little tricks and ruses.

Although backgammon can be considered to be a table game, some parts of gambling can also present here, and in fact, it is not too uncommon to find backgammon being played at a casino. The players can play not only for the fun of the game but to do it for money stakes as well. The system of win calculation is individual for everyone but there are some standard rules for doing this.

Game set
The information and tips where to buy and how to choose backgammon set are indicated in a separate section. Despite of the fact that during the game only few items (a board, dices and checkers) are being used, the material and exclusiveness of the set may influence greatly not only to its quality and price but to the pleasure getting from the game as well.

Backgammon game online web-site
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Interesting fact!
Doubling cube, doubling the stake while playing backgammon was invented and brought into practice in 1920. Afterwards it became an essential part of backgammon.