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How to choose backgammon board

Backgammon is a quite popular game which always drew attention of the funs of logical games and table strategies. If you preferred table game to its virtual analogues, you will face the problem how to choose game inventory.

Board with dice
Board with dice
Every backgammon set has the definite list of the items which are needed for the game. First of all this is a game board which is actually the main game field. It consists of two parts, and each of them has 12 points (long triangles) where chips are placed during the game. The edges of the board should have hollows for checkers. There are 15 checkers of white colour and as much of black used for the game. Of course dice are the essential item of the game. Depending on set structure there can be one or two pairs of dice.

Leather backgammon gaming set
Leather gaming set
As for the cost of backgammon inventory, its price depends on a many factors. The material used for game board has an important meaning. More expensive sorts of wood, leather or other valuable materials make the price of the set sufficiently higher. The handmade game boards or the boards bearing logotypes, applications or wood engraving as from outside as from inside are considered to be practically unique, and of course their price will be higher than that of the ordinary ones.

Today there are many studios and Internet shops, where having made the order and paid his purchase the customer can buy backgammon without leaving his house.

Goods catalogues will show all possible variants of decoration and it will be up to the customer to make his choose according to his preferences. Backgammon set can be used as a wonderful present for friends and relatives who are fond of logical table games.

How to choose backgammon board
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Interesting fact!
One of backgammon varieties is gypergammon. Here each of the opponents has 3 checkers placed on the points 22-24. The rest of the rules and aims are the same as for the ordinary backgammon.