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Many games which had appeared hundred and thousands years ago withstood the test of time and reached nowadays being changed insignificantly. Keeping its position as a very popular game and despite of its centuries-old history, backgammon could hardly be called an exception.

With the development of entertainment industry, many of well-known to everybody puzzles have gained their place among modern computer games. Now it is possible to meet backgammon not only in its initial view as a table game but in the view of virtual analogue. Here may be presented as ordinary backgammon which can be downloaded and installed on your computer as online variants (Java, Flash and backgammon online) where game field will appear directly in browser's window and this will make the game available at any time and on any computer.

Download backgammon
Download backgammon. Here you will find the description of the possibilities and link how to download realizations of backgammon games for different devices, namely: PC, pocket PC and mobile phone. Having installed the game on any of the mentioned devices, one can perfect his game skills playing with a real opponent through the Internet or with a virtual one.

Backgammon online
Online backgammon. Realizations of backgammon through the Internet. This version of the game will allow you to arrange the games with other real players all over the world and take part in tournaments winning different prizes. The game can be done as for real as for virtual money thus absolutely free of charge.

Java backgammon
Java backgammon. Realization of online game version based on Java technology. It downloads the game directly in the browser and doesn't demand any installation. The version allows to play backgammon online with real opponents through the Internet. Java version of the game could be comfortable when there is no opportunity to install backgammon on computer.

Flash backgammon
Flash backgammon. Simple version of playing backgammon with computer created with the help of Flash technology. The game is loaded in browser and doesn't demand any installation and registration.

Many games representing the table game word for word have all the items: a board where actually the game will take place, chips and dice. The game process goes according to all the rules valid for real backgammon. As one can easy add the additional options in computer game, you will find here backgammon school where you can learn the basic elements of the game or gather your friends and arrange the games with them regularly. Also you can communicate in chat window and so on. Moreover, some variants of backgammon can support net games. You can just choose your opponent and start the game in a real time.

Modern technologies made a significant progress thus it is possible to play backgammon even having at hand Pocket PC or mobile phone where virtual backgammon with standard rules and perfect graphic and soundtrack are installed.

Backgammon is a fascinating game and whatever of its variety you may choose, be sure that you will not be disappointed in the game process.

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Interesting fact!
There was no single world backgammon tournament and the most popular competitions were taken place in Las Vegas. And only in 1979 one organized World backgammon Championship which afterwards took place every year in Monte-Carlo.