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Not so many times had passed since backgammon stopped to be only a table logical game. In 1970 a completed and improved game under name BKG 9.8 was presented by Hans Berliner. This was the first serious computer realization of backgammon game which could compete with a human being on equal terms and no sooner had 9 years passed than an improved version of this game could manage to win the victory over the world backgammon champion.

In Internet society the game appeared in 1992. There was an opportunity to play the games in real time mode and with opponents who could be in different spots on the globe. But the wide popularity as online realization the game obtained only in 2005-2006. This was a special boom promoting the game's popularization among the people to deal with computers. According to this, other devices like mobile phones and Pocket PC became the objects of a great interest.

Windows Backgammon
Backgammon for Windows. Download a popular realization of backgammon for Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7. Having installed the game, you can play against other players all over the world. There are constantly several thousand funs of this game online and it will be up to you to decide whom you would like to play with. This game realization allows to organize individual games, take part in tournaments and to play as for real as for virtual money.

Pocket PC Backgammon
Backgammon for Pocket PC. Unfortunately personal computer is not always at hand and in this very case Pocket PC will be very useful. The version of backgammon game for pocket computer suggests you to play as backgammon as longgammon (Russian backgammon). Various graphic schemes and detailed game statistics calculating even how often the dices may be rolled will allow you to enjoy backgammon game completely.

Mobile Phone Backgammon
Backgammon for mobile phone. This realization will allow you to play backgammon with computer as your opponent at any place or to play it with a second player by means of the same phone. There are the levels of different complexity in the phone allowing as the beginners as the experienced players have a good time while playing.

So you have the possibility to enjoy your favorite game at any place any time if you have at hand a computer, a Pocket PC or a mobile phone. Even if there is no real opponent, one can always play with an artificial intellect and that will make your game skills more perfect.

Download backgammon
Download backgammon
Download backgammon game

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Interesting fact!
One of backgammon varieties is gypergammon. Here each of the opponents has 3 checkers placed on the points 22-24. The rest of the rules and aims are the same as for the ordinary backgammon.