Backgammon game
On our web-site you have unique ability to play backgammon online with real people from all over the world. Download and play backgammon for virtual or real money with thousands of players in peak hours.
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Backgammon for Windows

Backgammon for Windows PC
Here you can download backgammon for Windows Vista, XP or Windows 7. In the future this software will also become available for Mac users just as there is already a wide variety of Mac compatible sites. When playing backgammon online, one can arrange matches and take part in tournaments with other players all over the world. Several thousand online players from different spots on the globe are available for you at any moment. Playing backgammon online is getting as popular as to play poker games online, while you can play from your comfortable chair at home. What are you waiting for? Download backgammon free of charge today at this page.

The peculiarities as for backgammon being downloaded for Windows:
  • Computer realization of backgammon
  • Online backgammon - playing with opponents through the Internet
  • Playing for virtual and for real money
  • Free bonus of $3 for playing for money
  • Regular tournaments with prizes
  • 20+ languages supported
  • Lists of friends. Add new friends and invite them to the games.
  • Operating for Windows XP/Vista/7
  • The game to be downloaded is absolutely free of charge

Having downloaded backgammon, start an installation file following the installation instruction for computer game:
  • Start installer
  • Select language
  • Wait till installation process is finished
  • Make new account (New player)
  • Fill all the fields and enter a valid email address
  • Start the game
If you have entered a valid e-mail address, some minutes later you will get a letter with the link following which will increase your current money balance in the game by $3.

The process from the downloading to the start will take you only several minutes. The game is absolutely free of charge and there is always a possibility to choose - to play for real money or to train yourself on virtual one. In any case, each player has his definite rating installed at the beginning as equal to 1500. Afterwards it can be increased or decreased depending on that the player is winning or losing backgammon. Thus, every person can choose for himself a good opponent for the game.

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Friends list
Friends list
Available boards
Available tables
New table
New table
The game
The game
Backgammon is a logical table game. And only at first sight one may have an impression that a lot can depend on luck. In reality despite of dices combinations to be rolled, the most experienced and the strongest player often wins. The knowledge will be obtained with an experience but if you are just a backgammon beginner, learn carefully theoretic information presented on the pages of our site. Having downloaded and installed backgammon, start playing with the opponent as good as you are. Keep on perfecting your skills while watching the games of the players with higher ratings and start playing against stronger opponents. Having got all the necessary knowledge and experience, you can surely start playing backgammon for money.

Never be afraid of the opponent with higher rating. Experience and attentiveness, self-confidence and some luck will help you. Download backgammon for Windows and start the game immediately. And remember - backgammon will win that one who has done less number of mistakes.

Backgammon for Windows
Download backgammon
Download backgammon game

Run setup wizard

Install backgammon

Play backgammon

Download free backgammon game

Interesting fact!
There was no single world backgammon tournament and the most popular competitions were taken place in Las Vegas. And only in 1979 one organized World backgammon Championship which afterwards took place every year in Monte-Carlo.