Backgammon game
On our web-site you have unique ability to play backgammon online with real people from all over the world. Download and play backgammon for virtual or real money with thousands of players in peak hours.
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Java Backgammon

Java backgammon is a comfortable online realization of popular logical game using Java technology. This realization of backgammon will allow you to play with other players all over the world in real time mode. The game is loaded into browser and doesn't demand any installation. Thanks to this you will be able to play backgammon any time on any computer - all you need to do is to register a new account and afterwards, while loading Java backgammon you have to enter your login and password.

Java Backgammon

If you start Java backgammon for the first time, you should be registered. Point out desired login and password. Don't forget to point out your e-mail as well. After registration you will get a letter with the link. It will be enough to confirm that your e-mail is correct and $3 will be charged on your account absolutely free of charge so that you can play Java backgammon for real money.

Now if you have time and wish to play your favorite game, all you have to do is to start Java backgammon, choose game mode (for virtual or for real money), to enter your login and password and start the game immediately.

If you have already played backgammon being downloaded for Windows on our site, the interface will be familiar to you. The information about player's rating, accessible money funds and the stars will be available on the right. You should choose the room where you will be playing, a table and an opponent. Also you can create a new one, having pointed if you would like to play only one Java game or series of it, the amount of the stakes and additional nuances such as: if you would like to use doubling cube, beavers, or Crawford's rule. As soon as the opponent accepts your conditions, the game will start.

Besides game board, game window contains the information as for stakes and players' ratings and the information how to use doubling cube and chat. This window will be available during the whole game process. While playing Java backgammon the opponents can communicate in real-time with each other in chat window. If it is permitted, the spectators may also join the game and communicate with players in chat.

Java Backgammon
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Interesting fact!
There was no single world backgammon tournament and the most popular competitions were taken place in Las Vegas. And only in 1979 one organized World backgammon Championship which afterwards took place every year in Monte-Carlo.