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On our web-site you have unique ability to play backgammon online with real people from all over the world. Download and play backgammon for virtual or real money with thousands of players in peak hours.
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Download and play online backgammon game

Backgammon Online
Backgammon online is a computer realization of the game where the player with the help of the Internet takes part in games and competitions with other players all over the world in real time.

To start backgammon online, you need to download the game and install it on your computer. The game functions with all modern versions of OS Windows XP, Vista, 7. Having downloaded the game, you should be registered as a new player. Don't forget to enter correct e-mail address and you will get 3 free dollars to play for real money. The registration over, and you can start playing backgammon online immediately! It's fun and very easy.


Online version of backgammon has some serious advantages as compared to the other realizations of this game.
  • The player plays with a real person and not with a computer. None of computer algorithms can be compared with a human thinking. Computer plays backgammon according to the algorithm programmed inside it. Differing from any human being, it makes no mistakes, doesn't stake everything in a hopeless situation, doesn't try to entrap his opponent and so on. Besides there is a rating for each player in backgammon online. The person who wins more often has a higher rating. Thus, depending on real playing skills, one can select an equal opponent and improve his skills.
  • Tournaments
    Participation in tournaments. Upon backgammon online it is possible to play with the opponent not only a single game or the whole game series but to participate in different tournaments. Reasonable entrance fee will give you the opportunity to get the title of tournament victor and win various prizes: from bonuses, free entrances into big tournaments up to money award.
  • Mode selection
    Mode selection
    Possibility to play backgammon online for real money. Sooner or later it becomes boring to play for fun and appears the interest to play for money. Backgammon is easy to play it for money and game process doesn't differ at all from that as for playing for fun. Each player has his rating and can choose an equal opponent. Upon playing backgammon online for money, initial stakes amounts to $0,50 (fifty cents) which allows to play for money even the beginners without the risk to loose a big sum. Participation in different kind of tournaments only appeals more interest to this game because it is always possible to take part as in small tournaments intended for 4 players as in big ones where opponents' number can achieve several hundreds. Tournaments prizes depend on entrance fee and participants' number and can achieve impressive sums of money.
  • Friends
    Friends and communication. You can find new friends while playing online backgammon. This is very easy because there is a game option allowing to create your own list of friends, and you can enter there any player from any country. This list may be looked through at any moment and on seeing which of your friend is online now, you can invite him to play backgammon communicating simultaneously in chat window.

Download and play online backgammon game
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Download backgammon game

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Interesting fact!
There was no single world backgammon tournament and the most popular competitions were taken place in Las Vegas. And only in 1979 one organized World backgammon Championship which afterwards took place every year in Monte-Carlo.