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Backgammon rules

Backgammon is one of the most popular varieties of ancient table games. The game got its popularity in Europe and the USA and not the last role here played the Internet and versions for playing online backgammon. This Internet version of the game appeared some years ago and drew a great interest of many users.

Game field is presented in the form of the board where there are 24 long triangles used to be called points. Space between the edges of the board is called bar point. Here both opponents land their hit checkers. In backgammon can participate two players and each of them has 15 checkers. The main point of each game is to move all the checkers in their home, and bear them off the game field afterwards. The victory will be awarded to the player who will manage to do it earlier than his opponent.

Direction of movement for the backgammon pieces
Direction of movement for the backgammon pieces

The game process is happening as follows: the start point of the game is determined by means of lots throwing. Then each player alternates his turn while dice rolling and according to the numbers shown on the dice, makes his first move using one or several checkers. Each number shows to the player how many points on the board he may move any his checker (or checkers). All of them can be moved only in fixed direction - black can be moved clockwise, white - in opposite direction.

Points occupied by two or more checkers of one player are a serious obstacle for the opponent, because it is forbidden for him to move his checkers on this point. If while playing one of the opponents moves his checker to the "blot" (the point occupied by the opponent's checker), this checker is considered to be hit and is landed on the bar. The player, who has the hit checkers, should bear them off the bar and only after this his movement along the board can be continued. Bearing off the bar should be done to the unoccupied points in opponent's home. If the dices combination upon rolling doesn't allow to bear any checker off, the player loses his turn to move. If there are two or more checkers on the bar but dice combination upon rolling allows to bear off only one, this checker has to be borne off and the turn to move goes to the opponent.

If one of the players happens to roll double (the same number on both of the dice), the checkers must be moved not 2 similar numbers to be rolled but 4, thus, the player moves his checkers two times faster. A move making is compulsory in backgammon. The player can miss the move only if he rolls a combination when one can't move any checker.

As it was mentioned above, the opportunity to play online backgammon with opponents all over the world appeared several years ago. Learn the rules of the game and download free backgammon for Internet. You will get the opportunity to play online on board with thousand of real opponents of any spots on the globe.

Backgammon rules
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Interesting fact!
One of the most ancient backgammon game boards was discovered in Asia Minor. Its age is more than 5 thousand years.