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Download backgammon for mobile

Backgammon for mobile Gameloft Backgammon
Nowadays every person with rare exception has a mobile phone. There is a huge amount of the content available for the phone including the games, which number can not be counted. And backgammon can not be called an exception. One of the most popular logical games is available to be downloaded in a mobile phone.

Backgammon on Java for cellular is considered to be a classical backgammon where the role of the opponent will be presented by the mobile itself or by the second player (the game is done on the same telephone by turn). As soon as you have a free minute, nice graphic design and soundtrack will help you to penetrate into game's atmosphere completely.

Backgammon has three various complexity levels of artificial intellect and 4 available types of the game: teaching, quick game, competition and the game for two players. After every roll all possible moves are lit on the board and that makes the process of the game quicker and easier.

Owing to this realization of backgammon and ignoring the presence of the second player, there is an opportunity to become acquainted with the game. You can also improve your skills playing on the mobile phone at a free time, or while playing against the telephone, you can choose the opponent with a good level.

Backgammon for mobile phone is:
  • Playing with mobile as your opponent
  • Playing with the second player on the same phone
  • 3 complexity levels of the phone
  • 4 available modes of the game
  • Doubling cube
  • Prompts as for moves
  • Choosing checkers color
  • Various game bonuses
  • Supported by most mobile models
There is a score statistics in the game. For each played game the player has got a definite number of scores and bonuses. Afterwards these data are taken to the table of the mobile's best results. Thus you can constantly improve your skills and not make stop on achieved results.

Download backgammon for mobile

This mobile phone realization of backgammon is one of the best. This can be achieved not only because of its graphic but because of the options available during the game. A great number of the phones supporting the game make it more popular for a wide circle of users. Just download .jar and .jad files, install on your phone and play backgammon.

Download backgammon for mobile
Download backgammon
Download backgammon game

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Download free backgammon game

Interesting fact!
Doubling cube, doubling the stake while playing backgammon was invented and brought into practice in 1920. Afterwards it became an essential part of backgammon.