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Backgammon instructions and tips

While playing backgammon different situation can happen. Sometimes one should act going from logical thoughts, sometimes - to rely on his intuition or stake everything. But there are the game situations having the most optimal decision. In this section we have tried to gather the most necessary recommendations, tips and instructions as for backgammon playing. Not considering the title of the section, the tips will be helpful as for the beginners as for professional players - they may find here something useful for them too.

Kill two birds with one stone in the beginning of the game. If in the beginning of the game you have the possibility to hit 2 opponent checkers with one hit, do it immediately. Your risk is minimal because your opponent has not yet got a good defense in the beginning and even if your checker is hit, it will not be a problem to return it to the board. But your opponent will have to land on the board both of his checkers. Thus, you can at least win one move or, if you want to take maximal advantage of the situation, it is possible to hit one opponent checker on the bar upon next move and place 2 checkers on the same point in your home. This will make the return of the hit checker more difficult.

The double has rolled in the beginning of the game. The double in backgammon, if used correctly, brings a good result. If the game is in its beginning and the double has rolled, try to occupy as more position in your home as possible. Thus, hitting any of the opponent's checkers on the bar will make the return on the board quite a difficult matter. Also if you have chosen the strategy not for running game but for holding one, there is a variant to prime the 7th point (which is the first behind home). This variant is possible upon rolling a 3-3 double, a 6-6 double or a 1-1 double. In this case it will not be very easy for your opponent to escape from your home.

Popular moves in the beginning of the game. In the beginning of the next backgammon game you can seriously obstruct the way for the opponent's checkers which are in your home. This would be possible to do by building a protective line on several points at once and by increasing the primed points in your home. Thus, if a 3-1 has rolled, make the move a 8-5 and a 6-1 and you will get already two primed points in your home. Do the same if a 5-3 or a 6-4 has rolled. If a 6-1 or 6-6 has rolled you should prime the point 7. In this case it will be impossible for the opponent to escape from the home even with one checker and to reach his 12th point at a one move. We made a small backgammon video tutorial with first moves instructions. Please look below:

If you are loosing on moves. If you notice that the opponent has already got a big move advantage or has built a difficult obstacle for bearing your checkers from his home off, keep 2 checkers on the same point in his home and prime simultaneously the points in your home. There are two variants: wait till the opponent makes any mistake and, using the checkers in opponent's home, you will be able to hit on the bar some of his figures. If you have happened to roll a double, you can quickly jump over his obstacle and reach your home in the shortest time possible.

Minimum of uncovered checkers. During the game try not to keep on the board too much uncovered checkers. The less such checkers, the less chances for your opponent to hit you on the bar and to take away precious moves. The situation can not be critical in the beginning of the game because there are many chances to return to the board from the bar easily, but as soon as the opponent primes several points in his home, it will be not so easy to place the checkers on the board.

We hope sincerely that these, at first sight simple backgammon instructions and tips, will help you not only to win but to accumulate experience which is so important for this logical game. Play backgammon and win it.

Backgammon instructions and tips
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Interesting fact!
One of backgammon varieties is gypergammon. Here each of the opponents has 3 checkers placed on the points 22-24. The rest of the rules and aims are the same as for the ordinary backgammon.